Can I have a physical access 24h/24 with a housing?
Your equipment is installed in a shared rack, for this reason it is only possible to access your server during office hours accompanied by an AlpineDC technicians. If you need to access to your equipment at any times, we recommend that you look at our colocation offer.
Can I send you my equipment?
Yes, you can send us your hardware and we will put it up for you, just let us know when you order or contact us and we will give you the address to send the material
Is it possible to visit your datacenter?
Yes, we would be happy to show you our datacenter, simply contact us
Do you provide wireless access in the data center?
Yes, wifi is available. The access code is dispayed on the wall of the server room.
Is that a monitor, keyboard and mouse are available?
Yes, a keyboard, mouse and monitor are available in the server room.
Is a workstation is available?
Yes, a workstation is available just outside the server room.
Is it possible to use another ISP?
Yes, Swisscom and Cablecom are present in the building, please contact us for more details.
Do you have a solution to save my data on a remote site?
Yes, we have several options available, please contact us for more details.
How to reboot my server in case of problems?
Witha almost all rackmounted servers, you have an IPMI interface (ilo with hp, drac with Dell) which allows you to reboot your server using a web interface. In case you do not have an IPMI, you can order an optional reboot power strip that will allow you to remotely shutdown and power the plugs.
Is a firewall included in your offer?
No, the majority of our customers implement their own firewall, if you would need a dedicated firewall solution, please contact us
Do you sell hardware (server and network hardware)?
Yes, we can provide all the necessary hardware and install it for you, please contact us for a quote
Can you handle the management of my server?
Yes, we can manage your server, please contact us for more details
Is it possible to test your infrastructure first?
Yes, we can offer you a housing solution for a few days fist, to test our infrastructure