Is it possible to visit your data center?
Yes, we would be happy to show you our data center, simply contact us
Do you have a solution to save your data on a remote site?
Yes, we have several options available, please contact us for more details.
How to reboot my server in case of problems?
You can reboot the server from the customer interface.
Is a firewallincluded in your offer?
There is no firewall with the standard offer, however you can order a firewall option on the order page.
Do you sell hardware (server and network hardware)?
Yes, we can provide all the necessary hardware and install it for you, please contact us for a quote
Can you handle the management of my server?
Yes, we can manage your server, please contact us for more details
What is setup delay for a dedicated server?
For dedicated servers we have in stock, it takes up to 24 hours. For special configurations, it is possible to have a delay up to 7 working days
Who is responsible in case of hardware problem?
We are responsible for the hardware, if something goes wrong we will change the faulty hardware as soon as possible
Do I have root access (linux) or Administrator access (Windows)?
Yes, you will receive information to connect to your server when the server is ready